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Introducing PAN SafeKids: Empowering Digital Parenting

Published by Manuel Jenni on Tue, Apr 18, 2023


In today's digital age, where technology plays an integral role in our lives, ensuring the safety and well-being of our children has become a top priority for parents. That's where PAN comes in. We are proud to introduce PAN and our groundbreaking product, SafeKids, designed to empower parents in safeguarding their children's online experiences. With SafeKids, we provide a comprehensive solution to protect children from potential online threats while allowing them to explore and learn in a safe digital environment. Let's delve deeper into the world of PAN and discover how SafeKids is revolutionizing digital parenting.

Understanding PAN

PAN is a technology company committed to developing cutting-edge solutions for child safety and digital well-being. Our mission is to empower parents and enable children to thrive in the digital world securely. We combine technological innovation with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by parents today.

The Need for SafeKids

The internet offers vast opportunities for learning and growth, but it also poses risks. Cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and online predators are among the dangers that children may encounter. Recognizing these challenges, SafeKids was developed as a response to the increasing need for a comprehensive and effective solution that goes beyond traditional parental control apps.

Introducing SafeKids

SafeKids is an AI-powered app designed to detect and prevent cyberbullying and other digital threats in a non-intrusive way. Our advanced technology monitors and analyzes content from a child's social media and messenger accounts, such as TikTok, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Key Features of SafeKids

  1. Non-Intrusive Monitoring: SafeKids respects the privacy of children by utilizing AI technology that monitors online activities without invasive surveillance. Parents can protect their children without compromising their trust.

  2. Real-Time Guidance: When potential digital threats are detected, SafeKids provides real-time guidance to children on how to handle the situation effectively. Context-specific educational content is offered to empower children with the knowledge they need to navigate online challenges.

  3. Parental Alerts: SafeKids keeps parents informed by sending alerts when their child is exposed to potentially harmful situations. This allows parents to engage in open conversations, provide support, and take necessary actions to protect their children.

  4. Privacy Preservation: Unlike traditional parental control apps that invade a child's privacy by granting access to their social media accounts, SafeKids preserves privacy. Parents cannot access their child's social media accounts or read their texts or view their images, maintaining a healthy balance between protection and privacy. Flagged content may be viewed by parents but only if the child allows it.


SafeKids, developed by PAN, revolutionizes digital parenting by providing an AI-powered solution to protect children from cyberbullying and other digital threats. By combining advanced technology, non-intrusive monitoring, real-time guidance, and a commitment to privacy preservation, SafeKids enables parents to foster a safe and empowering digital environment for their children. Join the PAN community today and embrace the future of digital parenting with SafeKids.

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